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4 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is one of country music's hottest country stars and many fans adore him. He has extended his 2015 music tour and there are tons of people who are just waiting to buy the tickets and see the young man in concert. It is said that there are many places around who claim they sell good Jason Aldean tickets, so you should have no problems finding enough tickets for you and your entire family to see a show. While many fans know the country music star and his music well, few fans know the little known facts listed below.

Midnight Rider

It is said that the song Midnight Rider is Jason's default ringtone for his cell or at least it was during his last interview. It is interesting to note that the star has a wide variety of musical taste from R and B to rap and everything in between.

Pregnancy Complications

Complications arose when Jason's wife was pregnant with their second child. Although, they wanted a little boy, they decided to stop with the two healthy little girls they have now, instead of risking his wife's health to keep trying.

Toyota Pickup Truck

It is pretty fitting that the country boy's first truck was a Toyota pickup truck as he is a good old country boy. It wasn't a new truck, but it got the 16-year-old boy through high school and to his gigs on the weekends.

Turned Down Baseball

The rising superstar turned down a baseball scholarship to follow his dream of being a country music singer. He says that he went to school because he had too and couldn't see himself spending another four years there. Lucky, for country music fans everywhere, he hit it big on the stage instead on the diamond.

These are just a few of the little known facts about country superstar Jason Aldean that you might want to know. If you are wanting to catch one of his concerts this upcoming years, NYC's Opera tickets can be bought online here, and you can go get a glance at one of the hottest stars in country music today.